Something’s just work.

bam BAM bam!- YEAH!

What is it good for?!


uh HUH huh HUH~

Trash Marxist utopia I am sold!
Till there be an intelligent lion strong Enough
to chain all existence
In a dream of rainbows and fluffy candies

I’ll aim for the living gold!

I’m a dumbass and that is excuse enough, to tread down this path.

My kids will live like luxury,
My wife will love a father,
And I will have power to pass my power
Physically down the generations of my lineage to come!

This I confess to this blog-

Because I can!
And I’ve got to-
Be true.

Birth of a soul

We follow a something
made by nothing
Creating a meaning
betwixt chaos.

Fly with that owl
To learn the art
Of existence,

Lay with your love
Where’er to make

Die with a bow
Scribe all you vow
For life is made
In Ay sentence.


I like you!  I love you!
Whatever you do is worth a look,
When I say I really want you,

Am I honest?

My god! Billtremendous!
What an art! What a soul!
O, Let me! O, let me please!
Lick your Lovely Leather boots!

-why- will my boots give you what you want?
-What is it that you want?
-I grow old, and I die
I eat food to be alive and
What’s more-
I’ll be forgotten Like the pack of pricks on ice
I left when I was just a child

It was thrown Away to melt away
In the honeyed sun of night.


Too “good” to break

-Why women scare me;

Women will make me love,
Women will use my guilt
Of promise they made me make
Once in that blue blue moon.

Then when my love flame sets,
Cold night, looks darker with reds
Of artificial light that was made
To pretend, whilst we wait for the morning.

So goes the world
Until courage steps in,
And instead of virtue for both
She shatters me.